An Introduction For Authenticate User Using OTP Service

LexisNexis One Time Password is an out-of-band Authentication method that offers business and government organizations the ability to have stronger authentication during a high risk, high value transaction with a client. It delivers a time-sensitive, unique random passcode via SMS, text, email or telephone and is excellent for companies that are considering offering a multi-factor authentication solution for their clients. No hardware digital fob, etc. besides the user’s existing phone or personal computer is needed.Traditional one-time password measures like key fobs are not always a Practical solution for customer/constituent trades due to their high cost and trend for users to misplace them.Included in our Multi-Factor Authentication solution, LexisNexisOne Time Password provides another layer of authentication for secure user access to high-risk, high-value trades.

It functions as an effective instrument for authenticating customers/constituents During high-risk and/or high-value trades –without the need for an additional hardware purchase by the customer/constituent. Rather, LexisNexis otp service provides an alphanumeric code via SMS, text, email and telephone, allowing customers/constituents to be given a one-time password on a device they already have in their possession.With LexisNexis One-Time Password, you can authenticate users Before accessing high-risk and/or high-value transactions-a critically important step when enabling a high risk or high value trade.LexisNexis One Time Password is a one-time authentication Solution that, when coupled with our identity proofing solutions, provides businesses and government agencies a single resource for authenticated enrolment and replicate user authenticated access. This strengthens the binding of the identity and consumer access processes to supply a single view of their identity.

LexisNexis One Time Password, within our Multi-Factor Authentication solution, provides another layer of authentication for secure user access to high-risk, high-value transactions. Single source vendor for multi-factor authentication solutions: Provides identity proofing options at identity institution and one time password for replicate user accessibility. Token less: Requires no hardware or software installation for the client. Ease of use: Provides clients with an easy-to-use internet service which offers a one-time code safely and securely. Most Individuals own a cell phone, and SMS functionality exists on each device. SMS’s ubiquity means that one-time passwords are suitable to use. This is Also beneficial for companies that provide the OTPs, as end users are already Familiar with their phones and do not need another device to get the code. Consequently, OTPs Enable businesses to not only enhance the user experience but Also lower their operational costs.